Catastrophes and significant events under management 


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Far North Queensland



Christmas & New Year Storms

Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales



Significant Events



VIC, NSW and TAS floods



SEQ and NSW Floods


What does an insurance catastrophe mean?

A ‘catastrophe declaration’ from the Insurance Council of Australia escalates and prioritises the insurance industry’s response to support policyholders affected by the natural disaster that triggered the declaration.

A catastrophe declaration means:

  1. Claims from affected policyholders are given priority by insurers.
  2. Claims will be triaged to direct urgent assistance to the worst-affected property owners.
  3. ICA disaster response specialists are mobilised to the affected location to work with government agencies, emergency services, local agencies and affected policyholders.
  4. Insurers mobilise their disaster response specialists to assist their affected customers with claims and assessments as soon as emergency services say it is safe to do so.
  5. An insurance industry taskforce is established to identify and address insurance related issues arising from the natural disaster

Insurance Catastrophe Resilience Report 2022-23

The Insurance Council of Australia’s third annual Insurance Catastrophe Resilience Report, released on 13 September, uses insurer data and insights to review the last 12 months of extreme weather events and advocate for changes to lessen the impact of future events. 

With the report covering: 

  • Insurance Catastrophes and Significant Events in the past 12 months
  • New data and analysis that 'normalises' the losses of past insurance catastrophes to account for inflation, changes in property numbers and values, and stricter building codes
  • Our industry's most pressing issue - insurance affordability and availability - demonstrating a clear link between risks and costs.
  • Policy recommendations to make Australia more resilient in the face of worsening extreme weather. 

The cost of extreme weather

Released September 2022

The Insurance Council of Australia’s second annual Insurance Catastrophe Resilience Report highlights the impact of climate change on the availability and affordability of insurance due to worsening extreme weather.

The report uses insurer data and insights to review the last 12 months of extreme weather events and advocate for changes to lessen the impact of future events.

Insurance Catastrophe Resilience Report 2020-21

Released September 2021

The Insurance Council of Australia’s Insurance Catastrophe Resilience Report: 2020-2021 provides a data-driven overview across five events declared Insurance Catastrophes by the ICA between October 2020 and June 2021.

The report also provides an update on community recovery from the Black Summer and outlines six policy changes that insurers believe are necessary to improve the preparation for and response to future natural disasters.

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