Insurance Council welcomes first step towards reform of Western Australian towing industry


News release

Friday, 04 November 2022

Insurance Council of Australia (ICA) welcomes amendments to the Road Traffic (Vehicles) Regulations 2014, to enhance protections for vulnerable road users involved in road accidents, as part of the Western Australian Government's ongoing tow truck industry reform.

The amendments, announced 31 October 2022, requiring tow truck operators to disclose the maximum towing and storage fees at the accident scene will address the escalation of towing fees and the poor conduct by some industry operators.

The ICA encourages the Western Australian Government to bring forward the remaining tow truck industry reforms as soon as possible to ensure that WA road users enjoy the same level of consumer protection as other states and territories.

Comment attributable to Andrew Hall, CEO Insurance Council of Australia:

These measures are a step in the right direction for improving pricing transparency and accountability, and something that the Insurance Council has long called for.  

We look forward to working collaboratively with all stakeholders to ensure reforms are implemented promptly and effectively for the benefit of all WA motor vehicle owners.


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