Review Of The Motor Vehicle Insurance And Repair Industry Code Of Conduct


News release

Tuesday, 20 December 2022

Former Deputy Chairman of the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission, Dr Michael Schaper, has been appointed to conduct an independent review of the Motor Vehicle Insurance and Repair Industry (MVIRI) Code of Conduct.

The MVIRI Code Administration Committee has appointed Dr Schaper where he will commence his role in the new year before he is expected to deliver his final report to the committee in mid-2023.

The committee, comprised of equal representatives from both the Motor Trades Association of Australia and the Insurance Council of Australia, has commissioned the review to examine:

1. Effectiveness of Dispute Resolution Processes under the Code;
2. Awareness and Accessibility of the Code;
3. Compliance with the Code;
4. Governance of the Code and CAC; and
5. Other issues pertinent to the effective governance and operation of the Code.

Dr Schaper has conducted a number of major independent reviews for government and international bodies, has written and researched extensively on dispute resolution systems affecting small business operators, and currently serves as the independent chair of another industry code committee outside the automotive sector. He also previously served as the inaugural Small Business Commissioner for the ACT government.

The MVIRI Code is intended to promote transparent, informed, effective and co-operative relationships between smash repairers and insurance companies.

Since its inception in 2006, the MVIRI Code of Conduct has undergone multiple reviews to ensure it remains fit-for-purpose, with the last review undertaken in 2017.

MVIRI Chair Stephen Jenkins
Phone: 0447 094 126
Email: www.abrcode.com.au/contact-us

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