Q: What are some reasons that insurers may deny a claim?

A: Insurers accept around 96% of claims. In the small percentage of cases where a claim may be denied, reasons may include:

Policy exclusions. Insurance policies contain a list of exclusions outlining specific situations, circumstances or events your insurer will not cover you for when you make a claim

Conditions and responsibilities. You may not have met conditions outlined in your policy

Cancellation of your policy. Usually, if your policy has not been renewed, has been cancelled or you have not paid the premium, you will not be able to make a claim

Non-disclosure. You are obliged to tell the insurer about anything that might affect your risk when you take out or renew an insurance policy. Failure to disclose may affect your ability to claim on your policy

Failing to maintain your property. Your claim may be turned down or affected because your property has not be maintained properly to reduce the risk of damage

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