Minderoo Foundation – The Resilience Blueprint


Following the devastating bushfires experienced in Australia in the 2020 bushfire season, the Minderoo Foundation established a $70 million Fire Fund with three streams of activity: response, recovery, and resilience. The ICA has been working across all three streams with a particular focus on resilient communities.

Minderoo launched the resilience stream in April 2020 and developed a partner network for the development of a Resilience Blueprint. The Blueprint will provide an ongoing evidence base for the program’s work, including its outcome-focused missions.

Minderoo is an enabler, working with partners across industry, government, philanthropy, and research to lift national physical resilience; the intent is that ICA projects will be leveraged and amplified where they most align with the “Minderoo Missions”.

The Resilience Blueprint was launched in September 2020 and the ICA will continue to support Minderoo and their resilience missions.


The objective is for Australia to be the global leader in bushfire and flood resilience by 2025.


Minderoo and their partner ecosystem.

Measures of Success

More resilient communities – detailed and specific mission-based metrics to be determined.

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