Changes to the Code Administration Committee Representatives


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Thursday, 9 December 2021

The Insurance Council of Australia (ICA) and the Motor Trades Association of Australia (MTAA) today announced changes to the Motor Vehicle Insurance and Repair Industry (MVIRI) Code Administration Committee (CAC).

The ICA has advised the resignation of Troy Johns, while MTAA has advised the resignations of John Guest, Richard Dudley, and Brian Cowan from the CAC. The ICA and MTAA thanked the representatives for their contribution and service to the automotive sector, insurance and the collision repair industries and welcomed new appointments.

New CAC appointments

The ICA confirmed the National Motor Insurance Committee recent decision to appoint George Manos of Insurance Australia Group (IAG) to the CAC. Mr Manos is Manager of Industry Risk and Governance within IAG’s Insurance Supply Chain division and has extensive experience in the automotive insurer industry.

MTAA advised the endorsed appointments of Mark Czvitkovits, Kathy Zdravevski, and Kaes Cillessen as MTAA CAC representatives. Mark Czvitkovits is well known to the motor vehicle insurance and collision repair industry as a former collision repairer, business owner, and CEO of I-CAR Australia. Mr Czvitkovits has also been elected CAC Chair for the next 12 months.

Kathy Zdravevski is a senior manager with MTAA Member, the Victorian Automotive Chamber of Commerce (VACC). Mrs Zdravevski brings significant insurance and collision repair industry, policy, regulation, and legal experience gathered in senior positions in the insurance industry.

The final MTAA representative is Industry and Government Engagement Manager, from MTAA Member the MTA SA/NT. Mr Cillessen specialises in leading policy and law reform advocacy engagements in complex and contested policy environments.

CAC thanks Code signatories for their patience and understanding regarding the CAC and its operations, especially during Covid-19. The CAC looks forward to continuing various work to ensure the Code assists both repairers and insurers in achieving a balance of fairness in their dealings with each other.


Code Administration Committee (CAC)
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