Climate Change Impact Series: Actions of the Sea


Status: Complete


“Actions of the Sea” encompass events such as coastal inundation, erosion, shoreline recession, sea level rise, and tsunami. The exacerbation of coastal hazards is leaving Australian communities, properties, and critical infrastructure increasingly vulnerable.

The insurance industry is seeking to raise risk awareness, and advocate for risk mitigation and adaptation with communities and governments.

The ICA has conducted a Vulnerability Study to understand the impacts Actions of the Sea present to properties and communities. The report acknowledges the growing protection gap in insurance as the changing climate increases exposure and risk.

Top takeaways from the report

  1. Climate change is driving rising sea levels and exacerbating coastal hazards known as “Actions of the Sea” such as coastal inundation, erosion, and recession.
  2. Significant additional investment will be required to mitigate the risks of coastal inundation and sea level rise.
  3. Urgent action is needed at all levels of government, in collaboration with industry, to build a national picture of coastal hazard risks and how to address it.
  4. The insurance industry stands ready to collaborate with government to share our risk intelligence to help mitigate these growing challenges.


Following this report, there has been engagement with all levels of government to understand the critical steps required to better protect communities, strengthen resilience, and enable affordable insurance.


  • Baird Consulting
  • ICA Climate Change Action Committee, and Data and Knowledge Committee
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