3 June 2019

MyHazards helps millions of Australians understand severe weather risks to their property

The Insurance Council of Australia (ICA) has developed a breakthrough mobile phone and tablet app that summarises the severe weather-related and natural disaster risks that could potentially affect homes and businesses.

ICA CEO Rob Whelan said: “The MyHazards app has been designed to help householders and businesses across Australia, by simply putting in the address of a property. The app provides a visual map and easy-to-understand summary of potential natural disasters and severe weather hazards, including storms, cyclones, floods, storm tide and bushfire risk, for more than 11 million properties.”

The MyHazards app will soon be linked to the ICA’s Building Resilience Rating website, which provides property owners with information to check the resilience of building materials used in their property.

MyHazards can also be used in conjunction with the Understand Insurance’s free building and contents sum-insured calculators at www.understandinsurance.com.au

The MyHazards app summarises the best-available government data that is in the public realm or has been provided to the ICA.

If a MyHazards user encounters information gaps for their address, they can contact the ICA Disasters hotline on 1800 734621.

The natural disaster and severe weather-related hazard profile of an individual address in the MyHazards app can be both a reminder of potential natural risks to a property or serve to alert property owners to their specific level of risk.

Knowing potential risk gives property owners, tenants and potential property buyers relevant information to help them assess their natural disaster risks and buy appropriate insurance for their individual needs.

MyHazards is now available from the Apple Store. An Android version is under development.                                         


MyHazards displays a simplified form of hazard data provided by government.

Homeowner case study:

Jordan, Ringwood North, Victoria

Jordan lives on the outskirts of Melbourne in a bush-fringed cul-de-sac in Ringwood North. The MyHazards app shows Jordan’s home has a potential high bushfire exposure and medium-intensity storm exposure. MyHazards suggests Jordan check he is not underinsured by using a sum-insured calculator and that he check with local council for further detail of his bushfire risk. Jordan also plans to research how he might make his home more resilient to storms and bushfires using the Building Resilience Rating Tool (www.resilient.property).

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