19 September 2018

360 North Queensland households and counting have applied for the Household Resilience Program

The Insurance Council of Australia (ICA) is pleased at the early success of the Queensland Government’s Household Resilience Program.

Since the program's launch on July 30, more than 360 Queensland households between Bundaberg and Cairns have applied for government assistance to upgrade their older homes to make them more cyclone resilient. Of those 360 applications to date, 45 projects are already under way. ?

With this very positive initial uptake of the program, insurers are looking forward to reviewing the  government's data for the program to consider potential premium decreases for those who make their homes more cyclone resilient.

The ICA encourages north Queensland households that meet the Household Resilience Program criteria to sign up, sooner rather than later. The ICA also looks forward to working with other state governments on similar positive initiatives.

Stronger homes in areas prone to natural disasters contribute to the resilience of the whole community in the aftermath of tropical storms, cyclones, bushfires and floods.



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