14 October 2014

NSW accident reporting rules change tomorrow - but insurers should still be notified

October 14, 2014

Drivers involved in motor vehicle collisions in New South Wales should still contact their insurer quickly despite changes to accident reporting and police attendance for minor crash accidents, says the Insurance Council of Australia (ICA).

The ICA urges motor vehicle drivers to learn about the changes, which are effective from tomorrow, Wednesday October 15, 2014 (see breakout box).

ICA CEO Rob Whelan said drivers should add their insurance company’s phone number to their mobile phone, and contact their insurer for guidance after any motor vehicle collision.

“Even if police don’t have to attend the accident, the driver should still phone their insurer as soon as possible, especially if their vehicle needs to be towed,” he said.

“They should discuss their next steps, including moving the damaged vehicle and, if their policy allows, using a hire car while theirs is being repaired.

“However, motorists should not agree to their vehicle being towed to a smash repairer nominated by the tow truck driver without first talking to their insurer.

“The motorist should also carefully read any paperwork they are asked to sign and make sure that the choice of the destination – the smash repairer – is correctly recorded before signing.”

NSW Police has prepared a document – What to do after a car crash. This can be downloaded from the NSW Police website at http://tinyurl.com/nbsb3rj and left in the glovebox.

Mr Whelan said police should be called if anyone was injured or trapped. Police should also be contacted if anyone who leaves the accident is later treated for an injury.


NSW Police will only need to attend an accident if:

  • Anyone is trapped or injured
  • Police are needed to direct traffic or deal with hazards
  • Any driver appears to be affected by alcohol or drugs
  • A bus or truck needs to be towed
  • Anyone involved has failed to exchange details

If NSW Police are not required to attend:

  • Contact your insurer or a towing company of your choice to arrange for your vehicle to be towed if required. If you cannot arrange a tow call the Police on 131 444
  • Exchange details with drivers and/or owners involved and leave the crash site
  • If any vehicles were towed as a result of the crash after leaving the crash site, you need to contact the Police Assistance Line on 131 444 to report the crash as soon as possible
  • If anyone is later treated for an injury call the Police on 131 444 as soon as possible



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