Important notice

See the relevant State based exemption below.

COVID-19 State based exemption

The Insurance Council of Australia will work closely with State Government and Recovery agencies to navigate border entry and permitted work requirements as part of the mobilisation activity in response to Significant Events and Catastrophes.

The tabs below sets out key links to State Government guidance and rules regarding COVID-19 travel restrictions, travel permits, guidelines, and exemptions processes.

Travel Restrictions sets out the rules that apply based on the departing State and/or hot spot. Generally these rules will either allow unrestricted entry, require quaratine periods, or forbid entry altogether.

Travel Permits of one form or another are required for all states. If access to the destination State is permitted ensure a Travel Pass is completed per each State’s the requirements.

Guidelines outline all rules that apply within the destination state, including permitted work.

If entry is not permitted or a quarantine period is required based on the destination State’s Travel Restrictions, Exemptions can be applied for in some cases.

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